• Efficiency Maximize efficiency and speed of logistics service through online (Internet) or phone booking for any logistic needs.
  • Quality Through our network and partnership with award-winning airlines for premium and wider range of services.
  • Commitment We pledge to go beyond expectations, because we want to make a difference in your business.
  • Integrity We operate in the utmost honest, ethical management in all dealings.
  • Greener Logistic Doing our part to conserve Mother Nature by minimizing paper usage in our daily operations.


We’re the type of company that let our results do the talking. Nothing beats a stronger message than the type of wonderful success that so many of our business partners are experiencing with our unique working relationship and services.


Our unique business model is based on Market Power combined with our expertise as aviation industry. We have assembled an experienced and talented team, with in depth background in working in logistics, marketing, operation and brand building. They are our heart and soul in helping AG Cargo to operate with a high level of business efficiency.